As an Google Adsense Publisher, until some years in the past, you couldn't Change payee name and country in your Google Adsense account, however now it’s possible to change Google Adsense Payee Name and Country. Google Adsense motive is; due to the fact Google has expanded the options and functions in its Google Adsense application over the last years and months, in order that publishers can utilize all the options to be had to them. Let’s see how we will change payee name in Google Adsense.

How to Change Payee Name in Adsense Account?

Here Follow the Steps how to change the payee name or alternate payee name to your Google Adsense account, you’ll must login to your Google Adsense account Then Follow the instruction below.

    How to Change Payee Name in Adsense Account?
  1. Simply Click on Google Adsense account Setting icon on top right side of your Google Adsense dashboard Account.
  2. After click on setting option you can see Payments option on a sub menu. click on payments option.
  3. Click on Payee Profile top left side option.
  4. After Clear the Above steps you can see billing contacts footer of the Page
  5. Easily you can add or change  Google Adsense Account Payee Name.
Google Adsense account Payee Name

Follow The Above Steps and change or add alternate Google Adsense Account Payee Name Easily. I Hope The Above Information is very Useful for You.


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