Bangalore : India's Modi government extremist Bharatiya Janata Party leaders since the allegations against Pakistan byazy reason waged a campaign in which none of his army .

Addressing nearly Indian Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha accused of being part of the global fight against terrorism , Pakistan is a center of terrorism, acts of terrorism are encouraging . They argued that since the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan from Iraq that Democrats would also pose a threat to India 's growing power in the Middle East is a challenge for India , India to address the special challenges plans and strategies to adopt and especially the air force has assumed increasing importance .

Indian air cheaf was not the end of the assailants but he threatened Pakistan with China also called for the region that is a threat to India 's growing military power . He said that military experts analyze China during the next 35 years . He is preparing a major offensive by 2050. Taiwan , southern Tibet , with the occupation of the southern island of Japan , Russia and Mongolia in the area lost He should get back .

Source:- Express News


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